Tuesday, 21 March 2017

The Best Contour Kit!

The Kat Von D shade and light palette retails for $65 Canadian and $45 US. At first I was skeptical about this product because of the fairly high price, but I am extremely glad that I purchased it. 

This palette is equipped with 3 different contour shades (known as shade) and three different highlight shades (known as light). This allows the contour kit to work for virtually any skin tone. The contour shades can be applied lightly for a more subtle look, which can be good for those who have a more fair skin tone. They can also be applied with a heavier hand for a more dramatic look. 

The consistency of the powders is quite creamy and is very easy to blend. Each of the shade options are extremely pigmented and a little bit of the product can go a long way. Below you will see some swatches, from left to right the colours are; subconcious, shadowplay and sombre.

For myself personally I do not use the light shades the same way as I would a traditional highlight (to achieve glow). Instead, I found that it worked really well to set certain points on my face after applying foundation and concealer. I use the lightest of the light shades which is called levitation and I use it to set under my eyes and the centre of my face, forehead, nose and chin. Below you will see some swatches of the light shades, from left to right the shades are; levitation, lyric and lucid.

One thing a lot of people love about this product, myself included, is the packaging. It is just so beyond cute! It definitely is made to be on display within your makeup collection. Inside it comes with a generously sized mirror, making it easy to use on the go. The packaging also stays closed very nicely, making it unlikely to transfer product into your bag when you are travelling with it. 

Yet another pro about this palette is the fact that it is refillable. This means that when you run out of your favourite shade, lets be honest the only one you probably use on a regular basis, the palette doesn’t become useless to you. You can simply purchase a refill in that shade and replace the empty one. Also, although every shade may not be compatible with every skin tone, that doesn’t mean that you won’t find a use for the other shades. One thing that this palette works perfect for other than contouring is eyeshadow! The shades that may be too light/dark for you will make for gorgeous eyeshadow shades!

Overall I would give this product a 4.5/5. I truly love this product and it would definitely be something I would repurchase and recommend to any of my friends. 

All photos seen above were taken by me:)

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