Friday, 8 June 2018

Revlon Colourstay Foundation Review

Revlon Colourstay Foundation- For Normal/Dry Skin

The Revlon Colourstay Foundation retails for $21.99 CAD (this was the price it was at my local drugstore). Unfortunately I was unable to locate the USD price. You can find this product at pretty much any drugstore that sells cosmetics. This foundation comes in two different formulas; for combination/oily skin and for normal/dry skin. As you might have read in the title, the formula I use is the one designed for normal/dry skin. 

I purchased this foundation last year and loved it, but after it ran out I didn't repurchase it. Recently, after running out of the foundation I was using and after becoming more tan and needing a darker shade of foundation, I decided to pick this one up again. After using it for about a month I am so glad that I picked this up again! The coverage I would say is a medium coverage, but can easily be built up to close to full coverage. Personally I love the coverage, it covers what it needs to and evens out the skin tone, while it also allows my freckles to pop through for a more natural look. The staying power is pretty good, when set with powder it will last pretty much all day. One thing I would say that turns me off of this foundation slightly is, the price. For a drugstore foundation, I find this foundation on the expensive side, when for just a bit more you could get a MAC foundation, or a foundation from Sephora. Personally, most foundations I usually would buy for the drugstore would retail for between $10-$15 CAD. Overall I would rate this product a 4/5 and would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a drugstore foundation who doesn't mind spending a little more. 

Friday, 1 June 2018

Tips For Starting a Healthy Lifestyle

With summer right around the corner, a lot of people are wanting to start eating better and working out, starting an overall healthy lifestyle, before summer and swimsuit season arrives. However, it is important to remember that fitness and a healthy lifestyle cannot happen overnight. It's okay if you slip up sometimes! It's okay to eat that cookie or skip a workout. The following are just a few tips that I feel have helped me along my own healthy lifestyle journey. Some of these you have probably heard of before, but I'm hoping you learn something from this post that might help you to reach your goals this summer.

Tip #1: Drink Lots of Water
I know what you're thinking. "Is she serious? I think we all know drinking water is important by now." But it is honestly such an important tip that makes a world of difference. Drinking a lot of water flushes out the toxins in your body and once you've been drinking more water for a while, you will start to notice your bloating decrease. Another benefit you will notice once you start drinking more water is an increase in energy. This increase in energy can result in more motivation for you to get some exercise which is a key component to a healthy lifestyle. In my own personal experience I have found that after I increased my water intake, and when I consistently consume more water,  I feel more energetic and am more likely to workout, as well as I get full faster so I am less likely to over eat. You will also notice positive differences in different places such as your hair and skin.

Tip #2: Start Small and Start Simple

One reason many of us fail at starting our healthy lifestyles is, we try to make giant changes right away. If you're used to eating out all the time and eating super unhealthy, chances are that if you one day decide you're going to eat salads for 3 meals a day, after a few days you're going to fall back into your old ways of eating unhealthy. Instead, start with small and simple changes. For example, start with cutting down your fast food or eating out to a couple times a week, and each week cut it down to less and less times, until eventually its a rare occurrence or a treat to get fast food. Another small and simple change you can make in regards to eating at restaurants is to opt for a healthier choice instead. So instead of getting a Big Mac, a large fry and a coke, get just the burger and a water. Or, eat at a restaurant with healthier options like getting a pita or having a sit down meal. Another way to start small and start simple is with your exercise routine. If you're used to getting very little physical activity, and try to jump right into an intense workout routine and going to the gym 5 days a week, it is probably going to fail in a couple of weeks. Instead, try starting with going to the gym 2 or 3 days a week. Also, start just trying to get some form of physical activity as often as you can. Some small and simple examples of this could be, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, going on a 30 minute walk at night instead of watching Netflix, walk to where you're going (if it is close enough), go for a bike ride with friends, do some squats and crunches while you watch TV at night, or put on your favourite playlist and dance around your room. By starting small and simple, and increasing as you go along your journey you are more likely to be successful.

Tip #3: Reward Yourself for Small Victories
By rewarding yourself for small victories, it encourages you to continue on your journey and motivates you to accomplish even more. Something I like to do is reward myself with a cheat day. Some people will agree with cheat days, however some people also really disagree with cheat days. Personally, I find that looking forward to a day where I can eat what I want and make more unhealthy choices. So if I am craving a big juicy fast food burger, I will look forward to that all week and use it as my motivation. If a cheat day isn't your style, look to a different type of reward. An example of a possible reward for your hard work could be, treating yourself to a new workout shirt, or a new lipstick after a successful week of eating healthy and getting some exercise almost every day. The choice is up to you, but a small reward might motivate you to keep going with your healthy lifestyle journey when it feels like it's easier to just give up.

Tip #4: Cute Workout Clothes
This tip might seem silly to some, but not only do I personally find this helps, a lot of people I have talked to about the subject also believe that this helps with motivation to hit the gym. So treat yourself to a cute workout outfit that you'll want to put on. This can also really help your confidence, and working out when you're confident will be a way better experience than working out if you were insecure in what you were wearing. Obviously you don't need expensive or cute workout clothes, however if it's going to help up your confidence and make you want to workout more, than go for it!

Tip #5: Remember It Won't Happen Overnight
This tip I can not stress enough. Progress takes time. Don't expect to go from eating fast food every night to eating salad and enjoying it. Don't expect to go from getting no exercise to hitting the gym 6 days a week. And most importantly, don't expect your goal body after a week of living a better lifestyle. It is going to take time. So be proud of the small victories and know that you will reach your goal. Remember your goal and keep pushing!

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Thursday, 3 May 2018

Best Eyeshadow Primer Ever!

The hunt for a good eyeshadow primer can sometimes feel endless. You might think you have found your favourite primer only to have it begin creasing on you and having your eyeshadow look that took hours to perfect disappear after only a few hours. This has been my personal struggle for years until I finally came across my all time favourite primer in a gift set I received for Christmas. Since then, I have repurchased the product in it's full size and have not looked back since.

Smashbox 24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer

This primer is available at Sephora and retails for $26 CAD and $21 USD. I have used so many eyeshadow primers, some good and some not so good. A good primer, for me, ensures my eye look stays on all day, without smudging or creasing due to any oil that may be produced on my lid. The Smashbox 24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer is by far the best primer I have tried so far, that achieves everything that I look for in a good primer.

If you're in the market for a good shadow primer, I would definitely recommend this one. Overall I would give this product a rating of 4.5/5!

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Tips for Growing Naturally Curly/Wavy Hair

If you are a curly girl, despite whether your hair is considered to be more on the wavy side or on the tightly coiled side, you know it is very important to be taking good care of your hair. Of course everybody’s hair is different thus the way you have to take care of it will be different as well. My hair personally would be best described as, wavy/curly. Below I am going to be talking about some of the things I found that have really helped me to grow out my hair. 

  1. No Heat!
I know you’ve probably heard this a million times but it is honestly very true. For someone who heat styles their hair everyday, this is much easier said than done. I myself struggle with this, as I used to be the person who would heat style their hair everyday. This does not have to be achieved overnight. This process can be slow and steady. For example, if you are used to using heat on your hair everyday, try wearing it natural once a week or even once every couple of weeks. After you have been doing this for a while you can gradually wear your hair natural more and more often. When I first started using heat on my hair less I would leave it natural every other week. Now, I’ve learned to work with my natural hair and love it more, so I only use heat the odd time. 

     2. Do Not Wash Your Hair Everyday!

Again, I’m sure you’ve probably also heard of this tip a million times throughout your life and I know for some people this is also much easier said than done. When you are starting off it is important to remember that this is a process, you cannot expect to go from washing your hair everyday to twice a week immediately. When you first start training your hair to get greasy less often, your hair is going to look a little greasy. It is important to power through this stage because I promise you the results will be totally worth it! A few things that might make this process easier include; using dry shampoo on your non-wash days, wearing a hat, putting your hair up into a bun or into a braid.

     3. Protective Hairstyles

For those of you who don’t know what I mean when I say protective hairstyles, these are any hairstyles that protect your hair from the elements and from rubbing against things such as your clothes. This will decrease breakage which will allow your hair to grow longer as it will on be breaking off at the ends. These hairstyles can include things such as braids and buns. I promise they are not going to be as boring as you may think they are going to be. Take braids for example. There is so many different kinds of braids out there for you to try! These include braids such as crown braids, dutch braids, french braids, waterfall braids, and many more. 

      4. Healthy Diet

if you are a junk-food lover like me, this can often be the hardest part of trying to grow out your hair. That being said, not only will you see results in your hair when you start eating a healthy diet, but you will also notice a difference in your skin and overall well- being. For me, when I started being healthier, starting with something as simple as drinking more water, I noticed my hair was shinier and my skin was a lot more glowy. 

I know these tips are all pretty popular, and if you have been looking into growing your hair for a while you’ve probably heard these a million times. However, they have always seemed to make a positive impact on my hair and the speed in which it grows. I would definitely recommend these tips to anyone who is trying to grow out their naturally curly or wavy hair. 

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Tasty Teas 2

David’s Tea- Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait

This tea basically tastes like spring in a little cup. If you like stuff that tastes a little fruity but are not a fan of things that are too sweet, this is definitely the tea for you. The description that the website gives about the tea is, “this rich, tangy blend combines rhubarb, strawberry, and yogurt pieces.” 

This tea is great to drink with your breakfast in the morning, however it is not limited to only being a morning drink. I like to drink this tea all throughout the day. My favourite time to have a cup of this tea would have to be after dinner, almost like a desert. It is definitely the perfect flavour for a desert time tea!

The caffeine rating on this tea is a 0, which means that it is caffeine free. This makes this tea perfect for any time of the day, especially for those who do get kept awake at night from caffeine. I would definitely recommend this tea to any of my friends who are first starting out drinking tea, or who are looking for a good spring time tea. I would give this tea a 4/5!

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Easter Makeup Look

With Easter this weekend, it gives all makeup lovers a chance to go a little above their normal daily makeup look. For those who are used to sticking with neutral colours, this gives them the opportunity to add some colour. Today I will be talking about a few different products that I believe would work well to create a cute look for the easter weekend. Before I start off I wanted to mention that I will not be including products such as foundations, concealers or powders. Also I will only be giving a brief description of how and why I would use each product, not a full in depth tutorial due to the fact that this is only a written component and not a video component. 



The blush I would choose to wear in an easter makeup look would be the tarte amazonian clay blush in paaarty. This blush is a pinky/nude colour and looks gorgeous on the skin. The consistency of the blush is creamy and smooth and is not a powdery mess at all! Also this blush is very pigmented so you do not need to use a lot, which allows you to get numerous uses out of it. You can pick up a bit of the product and apply it with a light hand for a subtle glow or you can use a bit of a heavier hand to achieve a more defined look. This blush retails for $35 Canadian and $28 US. 


The highlighter I chose for this look was the Laura Mercier Face Illuminator Powder in the shade in Devotion. I just want to point out before I continue that on the Sephora website it does state that this particular shade of the product works best on fair to medium skin tones, fair especially. This is the way I would describe my own skin tone, however I do believe that this would still work nicely on those with darker skin tones. That being said, this highlighter is one of my absolute favourites that I think can be worn everyday, or on a night out. If you are looking for a slight glow, simply get a small amount of the product on a fan brush and apply it to the cheek bones. This will still catch the light but definitely will not be blinding. If you like a more dramatic highlight, sweep your brush in it a few times and apply it on to the skin and repeat if needed. This product retails for $53 Canadian and $44 US. 



The eyeshadows I chose to use come from two different eyeshadow palettes. One of the palettes I will be using is the Urban Decay Naked Palette (the first one). The other palette I will be using is the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Volume II Palette.

The colours I chose to use from the Tarte palette are, pearl and conch. Conch I will use to sweep all across the lid as a base colour and pearl I will be placing in my inner corner and along my brow bone. This palette retails for $47 Canadian and $36 US. 

The colours I chose to use from the Urban Decay palette are, sin, toasted and hustle. First I will be layering sin over where I placed Conch earlier, all across the lid. Next i will take toasted and work it throughout the crease of my eye. Lastly, I will take hustle and place it into the outer corner of my eye. After all of this is done I would just blend it all out. This palette retails for $66 Canadian and $54 US. 


The liquid eyeliner I chose to use to create a small wing is the Elf expert liquid eyeliner in jet black. This retails for $2 on the Elf website. The eyeliner I chose to use on my waterline and lower lash line to add a pop of colour is the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in the colour Asphyxia. This eyeliner is a really pretty light frosty purple. This retails for $25 Canadian and when I looked on the US website it was actually not available :(



For lipstick the one I chose is the Marc Jacobs Le Marc Creme Lipstick in the shade Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. I would describe this colour as a dark rose/nude shade and it is described on the website as a baked rose shade. This product retails for $38 Canadian and $30 US. 


Liquid Lipstick:

The liquid lipstick I chose for this look is the Tarte Tartiest Creamy Matte Lip Paint in the shade Birthday Suit. I would describe this colour as a light pink/nude shade. This product retails for $24 Canadian and $20 US. 

Although a number of people might describe this makeup look as still pretty neutral, I think it’s a great look for the Easter weekend and a great way to step up your normal makeup routine. Thank you for reading, I hope you have a great Easter weekend with your families! :)

All photos come from the products websites!

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Elf Hits and Misses

Elf as many of you know is a drugstore makeup brand that is, for the most part, extremely affordable. While there are some products that unfortunately do not work well, there are also some that are good enough to rival more expensive products. Most of their products range from $1, $3, $5 and a few things have a slightly different price. One of my favourite things about this brand is that it allows you to test out numerous products for the same price as one good eyeshadow palette from sephora. Even if one of the products you tried out you end up hating, you can rest easy knowing you probably only spent a couple dollars on it. 

To keep this post short and to the point, I will be sharing with you two products that I like and two products that I don’t like from elf. Along with the products I will also be posting the prices of each of them and links to the website where you can purchase them!

  1. Elf Expert Liquid Liner in Jet black $2

Words can not describe how glad I am that I chose to purchase this liquid eyeliner. At first I was skeptical due to the applicator of the product. Instead of having a felt tip like the liquid eyeliners I have used in the past, it has an applicator that resembles a very thin nail polish brush. The eyeliner is super black and pigmented and doesn’t fade as you wear it. It is also extremely smug proof. After wearing the eyeliner all day it was still completely intact. To take it one step further, at the end of the day I even took my finger to the line and smudged it out, and was happy to find it did not smudge. I would definitely repurchase this product and recommend it to anybody who is looking for an affordable option for a liquid liner. I would give this product a 5/5.

2.  Elf Contouring Blush and Bronzer duo in St. Lucia $4

The quality of product you receive from this duo really makes it a fantastic deal for the amount of money you are spending. The blush is a really nice pink colour with a touch of shimmer. A high end product that this reminds me of is the Nars Orgasm blush which retails for $38 Canadian and $30 US.  The bronzer does also have a slight shimmer to it as well, however it s not overpowering at all! When a person is looking to contour or bronze up their face, it is pretty common to look for products without any shimmer in them. However, the bronzer in this product actually works very well and the sparkles are pretty much unnoticable on the skin. The duo itself is a dupe for the Nars Orgasm/Laguna blush and bronzer duo which retains for $54 Canadian and $42 US. I would repurchase this product and recommend it to anyone who loves the Nars products but does not love the price tag or anyone who has been looking for a cheap blush and bronzer option. I would give this product a 4/5.

  1. Elf Flawless Finish Foundation SPF 15 $6

I just wanted to start off this review by stating while overall this foundation was a miss for me, there were some positive aspects about it. The coverage of this foundation I would say is light and can be built up quite easily to a medium coverage. For a cheap foundation, the colours matched fairly well and blended out quite nicely. However, the cons about this product slightly outweighed the pros for me personally. First of all, I thought this product went on a little patchy in areas that might be more dry on the face. This could be fixed by applying more moisturizer than normal in those areas, however it was still a pain. Second of all, I found that when I wore this foundation for a few days in a row, my skin would tend to breakout a little. Another thing that I did not like about this product was, the fact that it simply was not long wearing at all. Within the next couple hours, when I looked in the mirror, the foundation had worn off and looked extremely patchy. I tried wearing more powder and even changing up the powder I was using but it didn’t make much of a difference. I also made sure I used a primer beforehand and also a setting spray when I was completely done my makeup. I would no repurchase this product, and would give it a 2/5.

  1. Elf Concealer (stick concealer) $3

When I purchased this concealer, I was very excited to try it out and ended up being very disappointed. For starters, the colour was really upsetting and not true to how it looked online at all. The colour I ordered it in was ivory. When I actually applied it onto my skin, it came across very orange and did not blend out well at all. Second of all, the consistency of the product was terribly drying on the skin. It clung very easily to the dry patches on the skin and even the lightest layer looked extremely cakey. It was very hard to apply and even harder to blend out. Despite the good price tag, I would not repurchase this product and would give it a 1/5. 

Although not every product in the Elf line is perfect, it is still overall a great brand with numerous hidden gems within the line and man products that are definitely a steal for the low price! Although it is definitely very hit or miss, I definitely encourage any makeup lover or anyone just getting into makeup now to do some experimenting with the brand. Although there is a few products I have tried from Elf that I consider to be misses, I have also found many products that I love and I will definitely continue purchasing from the brand!

All pictures are from the Elf cosmetics website :)